2009 CL Index


The following is an alphabetical index of the major articles and events published in the Christian Leader in 2009. The notations following each entry indicate the volume number, issue number and page numbers. Index categories include Body Life (news section), columns (Conference Call, On the Journey and Ph’lip Side, Practically Anabaptist), deaths, commentary, editorials, readers’ essays (Essay and Forum) and features (faith and life articles published on a monthly theme). Letters to the editors and news briefs are not indexed.


A long time coming (Bushtown MB Church, Lenoir, NC), 72:2:22
“Adoptions” source of MB growth, 72:1:19 
An incalculable contribution (Wendell Loewen), 72:7:25 
Arabic women find God’s healing: 4th Conference for Abused Women offers hope, 72:3:25 
Bumper year for SOAR S. Texas, 72:7:22 
Challenges, rewards of public service (Ernst Bergen), 72:4:24 
Churches serve special needs kids, adults, 72:5:19
Colombian MBs respond to “flood,” 72:3:21
Community cues camp, 72:6:21 
Cultivating food, not coca, 72:4:25 
Finding Jesus in Parlier, 72:6:28 
First Friday connections (North Park Community Church, Eugene, Ore.), 72:2:24 
Getting inside the heads of MB teens, 72:6:25 
Giggle, gab and grow (Shadow Lake Community Church, Omaha, Neb.), 72:1:24 
Global church gathers in Paraguay, 72:7:19 
God really had things orchestrated (SDC youth mission), 72:7:23 
Heart-challenges for youth (district youth conferences), 72:1:26
ICOMB discusses mission partnerships, 72:7:21 
ICOMB plans sesquicentennial, 72:1:23 
“I’m a blessed man” (Roger Poppen), 72:8:23 
Leadership Board holds fall meeting, 72:8:22 
MBBS offers Web-based devotional guide, 72:2:25 
MCC budget goes from surplus to cuts, 72:6:25 
MCC unveils “new wine,” 72:6:24 
Mennonites to converge on Paraguay, 72:4:22 
Modeling passion for mission (House of the Gospel Church, Fresno, Calif.), 72:1:21 
Moving toward mission (2008 year in review), 72:1:25 
National boards, ministry leaders meet, 72:5:23 
NC churches hold annual convention, 72:8:21 
One church, many sites, 72:6:22 
Part-time pastors, lifelong learners, 72:6:19 
Rabbit trails (Christ Community Church, Sioux Falls, SD), 72:2:19 
Raising up servants: TC students aid ongoing hurricane rebuilding projects, 72:3:19 
Reluctant leader (Lynn Jost), 72:8:19 
Resting on purpose: Sabbaticals a win-win for congregations, pastors, 72:3:22 
Roots deepen at The Grove, 72:8:24
Rosedale turns 100, 72:7:26 
San Jose church supports global artisans, 72:8:24
Santa Clara church closes, 72:5:26 
Satellite service expands space, options (Ebenfeld MB Church, Hillsboro, Kan.), 72:6:23 
SDC convention highlights KC church plant project, 72:7:24 
The anti-awards ceremony (Christian Film Festival), 72:5:24 
USC board approves “realistic” budget, 72:5:22 
Wichita church breaks ground, 72:4:27 
Worth it (Vyacheslav Tsvirinko), 72:4:19 


More Jesus: A Lenten Reflection, by Mark D. Baker, 72:4:6 
I ask for your forgiveness, by Jim Holm, 72:5:6


Am I crossing the line? by Ed Boschman, 72:1:5 
Finding pastors, by Ed Boschman, 72:3:5 
Full throttle, by Ed Boschman, 72:4:5
I have a dream…to thrive, by Ed Boschman, 72:6:5
In trouble, by Ed Boschman, 72:8:5
Just so you know, by Ed Boschman, 72:2:5 
Reading with your brain in gear, by Ed Boschman, 72:7:5
Who knew? by Ed Boschman, 72:5:5 


Adrian, Norman F., 72:7:31 
Barcus, Anne Elizabeth, 72:1:32 
Barcus, Bill, 72:5:31 
Bartel, Pauline Just, 72:8:32 
Beier, Alma Hiebert, 72:5:31 
Beltz, Johanna, 72:8:32 
Berg, Lydia, 72:5:31 
Bisel, Juhree Gayle Piel, 72:4:32 
Bowe, Ruby, 72:4:32 
Burchfield, Jean, 72:4:32 
Doerksen, Hulda Dick, 72:2:31
Drage, Dennis, 72:5:31 
Duerksen, David Henry, 72:7:31 
Duerksen, Martha Lovisa Wiens, 72:4:32 
Dyck, Arthur H., 72:5:31 
Eitzen, Norma Jean, 72:5:31 
Englund, Esther M., 72:7:32 
Enns, Anna, 72:6:32 
Ens, Evelyn K., 72:8:32 
Epp, Henry H., 72:8:32 
Fadenrecht, Lena, 72:3:32 
Fadenrecht, Rosie Elizabeth, 72:8:32 
Fast, Bertha, 72:8:32 
Figallo, Luis “Lucho” Antonio, 72:6:32 
Flaming, Anna Friesen, 72:6:32 
Flaming, John H., 72:8:32 
Franz, John Leroy, 72:8:32 
Friesen, Ellen Jane, 72:7:32 
Friesen, Harry, 72:3:32 
Friesen, John E., 72:7:32 
Friesen, Leland “Lee” Frank, 72:5:31 
Friesen, Mildred, 72:4:32 
Funk, Larry Dean, 72:3:32 
Garcia, Andy, 72:7:32 
Gray, James Al, 72:1:32 
Gregory, Marcus Leon, 72:4:32 
Harms, Henry D., 72:8:32 
Hein, Ira W., 72:6:32 
Heinrichs, Abe E., 72:3:32 
Heinrichs, Esther, 72:5:31 
Heinrichs, Florenda Florence, 72:3:32 
Heinrichs, Virginia Rose, 72:5:31 
Heinrichs, Wesley James “WJ,” 72:7:32 
Hiebert, Olive L, 72:7:32 
Hinz, Elsie, 72:5:31 
Hoock, John, 72:8:32 
Isaak, Margaret, 72:5:31 
Jacobson, Matilda Edna, 72:4:32 
Janzen, Francesdora Bishop, 72:2:31 
Janzen, Goldie Susan, 72:5:31 
Jantz, Claude, 72:5:32 
Jantz, Gladys, 72:3:32 
Jantzen, Alice, 72:5:32
Johnson, Arthur, 72:7:32 
Johnson, Clara, 72:8:32 
Johnson, Ted, 72:5:32 
Jost, David G., 72:6:32 
Jost, Eloise, 72:2:31 
Jost, Marvin G., 72:2:31
Jost, Rubena Loewen, 72:5:32 
Karber, Rena Bernice, 72:8:32 
Kauffman, Dorothy May, 72:6:32 
Kessler, Rosella Hilda, 72:2:31
Klassen, Esther, 72:7:32 
Kliewer, Rachel Marie, 72:5:32 
Koop, Agnes Martens, 72:7:32
Kovach, Ann Schultes, 72:3:32 
Kroeker, Eldora Mae, 72:8:32 
Kroeker, Lloyd M., 72:8:32 
Leppke, Ida, 72:5:32 
Loewen, Viola Jane, 72:2:31
Moncada, Manuel, 72:5:32 
Nachtigall, George F., 72:6:32 
Neufeld, Albert C., 72:6:32 
Neufeld, Dan, 72:5:32 
Nickel, Dorothy M., 72:8:32 
Nickel, Marvin, 72:8:32 
Ortman, Elmer Elery, 72:2:31 
Pankratz, Dorothy, 72:4:32 
Patzkowsky, Marlyss, 72:4:32 
Pauls, Kathryn Frances, 72:1:32 
Penner, Arthur E., 72:8:32 
Penner, Kenneth Lyle, 72:5:32 
Peters, Frank W., 72:2:32 
Plenert, Vernon A., 72:7:32 
Quiring, Wilmer Allan, 72:2:32
Reddig, Wilmer W., 72:3:32
Regier, Evelyn M., 72:8:32 
Reimer, Nikolai “Nick,” 72:8:32 
Renfrow, Frank, 72:7:32 
Richert, Margaret, 72:8:32 
Sawatzky, Goldie, 72:5:32 
Schroeder, Arthur D., 72:4:32 
Schroeder, Ernest I., 72:3:32 
Simmons, Betty Jean, 72:5:32 
Smith, Jane E., 72:5:32 
Suderman, Edna Koop, 72:2:32 
Thiessen, Helen, 72:2:32 
Thiessen, Hulda Banman, 72:5:32 
Thiessen, Isaac F., 72:2:32 
Tindall, Pat Klassen, 72:2:32 
Toews, Bertha Ann, 72:8:32 
Toy, Evelyn Lois, 72:5:32 
Unruh, Marsha Ruth, 72:4:32 
Vogt, Jerold W., 72:6:32 
Wall, Wilma Catharine Dick, 72:4:32 
Wiebe, Art, 72:2:32 
Wiens, Marie Klassen, 72:6:32 
Wiest, Sandra, 72:7:32 
Wolf, George, 72:7:32 
Yarbrough, Brian Kelly, 72:2:32 
Yount, Ola Marie, 72:4:32 


Budget busters, by Connie Faber, 72:4:34 
Clueless in the congregation, by Connie Faber, 72:6:34 
Ministry and the art of car maintenance, by Myra Holmes, 72:3:34 
Nothing changes on New Year’s Day, by Connie Faber, 72:1:34 
Preparing for the worst, by Connie Faber, 72:7:34
Situational awareness, by Connie Faber, 72:8:34 
Thanks you times 20, by Connie Faber, 72:7:34 
What’s next? by Connie Faber, 72:2:34 
When life gives you lemons, by Connie Faber, 72:5:34 


Christmas card prayers, by D. Merrill Ewert, 72:8:26 
Passage to India, by Sheryl Fogal, 72:7:27 


A journey through the dark, by Michelle Ferguson, 72:1:10
Blue highway reading, by David Faber, 72:2:9 
Created for connecting, by Lynnette Friesen, David Bruce Rose and Brooke Denni, 72:6:14 
Demons, pigs and hope, by Pierre Gilbert, 72:2:10 
Destinations and detours, interview with Ed Boschman, 72:5:16 
Global celebrations honor MB sesquicentennial, 72:8:18 
God, what are you doing?, by Jules Glanzer, 72:3:14 
Gooey meets flakey, by Ronald Pratt, 72:6:10 
How to memorize, by Tim Geddert, 72:2:18 
I shall not want?, by Pierre Gilbert, 72:7:10 
Later: A prodigal son finds Jesus, by Lori Astle, 72:4:10 
Let it shine, by Cory Seibel, 72:3:10 
Living high and low, by Joanne Klassen, 72:1:15 
Locked out, by Don Morris, 72:3:12 
Loving the annoying, by Jan Johnson, 72:6:13 
Partnering together as one national family is important as we… 
Discern together what the Bible teaches, by Brad Bonnett, 72:5:12 
Live our faith in the world, by Chris Edise, 72:5:11 
Plant churches, by Paul Robie, 72:5:13 
Prepare leaders, by Paul Bartel, 72:5:15 
Strive to be missional, by Phil Stangland, 72:5:14 
Work with the larger family, by Josue Aaron Hernandez, 72:5:10 
People of the book, by CL readers, 72:2:16 
Pocketbook priorities, by Myra Holmes, 72:5:18 
Praying in the valley, by David Funk, 72:1:17 
Taking Curtis’ place, by Laurie Oswald Robinson, 72:4:15 
The frugal Christian, by Katie Funk Wiebe, 72:7:13 
The Great Depression, by David Bruce Rose and Amy Stone, 72:1:12 
The greatest moment, by Pierre Gilbert, 72:4:12 
The miracle car, by Kim West and Melissa Grube, 72:4:17 
The saga of stolen stuff, by Michelle Ferguson, 72:7:16 
Thinking about the atonement, by Tim Geddert, 72:6:16 
This must be my ship, by Jeff Nikkel, 72:3:16 
What binds us together?, by Doug Heidebrecht, 72:8:16 
What would you do to connect with God?, by Don Ratzlaff, 72:8:10 
Witty word power, by Jason Hiebert, 72:2:13 


Emerging church debate casualties, by Robert Lewis, 72:3:27 
Plagiarism in the pulpit, by Cory Seibel, 72:8:6 
The people behind the statistics, by Roger Fast, 72:7:28

ON THE JOURNEY by Rose Buschman

First Bank of Heaven, 72:1:30 
It’s a God thing, 72:5:28 
Love means learning to say, “I’m sorry,” 72:7:30 
Making progress, 72:6:30 
Reading The Shack, 72:4:30 
Revolution in Iran, 72:2:28 
Small church, big impact, 72:3:30 
That was then, 72:8:29 

PH’LIP SIDE by Philip Wiebe

Change hasn’t changed, 72:3:33 
Figuring out the Ph’lip Side, 72:8:33 
Lead, follow or what? 72:5:32 
Mother knows best, 72:7:33 
Not-so-famous is not so bad, 72:6:33 
Resolutions made easy, 72:1:33 
What I say about me, 72:4:33 
What I want, or maybe not, 72:2:33 


Confused consumer Christians, 72:5:27 
Getting rid of ants, 72:3:29 
Recession-proof living, 72:4:29 
Soundtrack to faith, 72:8:28 
Tension time, 72:1:29 
The paradox of twitters and tweets, 72:6:29 
What I have in common with Fred Phelps, 72:7:29 
Yours, mine or ours, 72:2:27 


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