A new rhythm

SDYC students invited to step into the rhythm of Jesus

The Wichita State University drumline performed to help introduce the Southern District Youth Conference’s theme of “Rhythm.” Photo: Ridgepoint Church.

More than 300 students and youth leaders from 15 churches met at Ridgepoint Church in Wichita, Kan., for the Southern District Youth Conference, Nov. 17-19.

Joanna Chapa served as speaker during the event’s four sessions, where the theme was, Rhythm.

Joanna Chapa served as speaker for the four sessions at the Southern District Youth Conference in Wichita, Kan., Nov. 17-19. The theme was “Rhythm.” Photo: Ridgepoint Church.

“I considered it a privilege to be able to step into this theme and invite attendees to journey together through the rhythm we were created for, the rhythm that gets us out of sync, the rhythm that Jesus invites us to, and the rhythm that transforms the world around us,” Chapa says in a recap email from Multiply. “Jesus came to give us hope in a new rhythm, a new way of being human, that is actually the restoration of the ‘good rhythm’ we were created to live with and from: to love God and love others. That rhythm was given to us for the benefit, the blessing and the transformation of the world around us.

“My hope is that students and all those attending were encouraged to follow Jesus closer so that they can live into the ‘rhythm of the Spirit’ they were created for.”

The event included two workshops, youth group breakouts and late-night activities and free time activities, including volleyball, video games, board games, coffee, trivia, bowling, arcade games, dodgeball and karaoke.

Presence Worship led attendees in singing.

Students gather around tables for worship and teaching during the final session of the Southern District Youth Conference Sunday morning. Photo: Ridgepoint Church.

An offering of $866.45 was collected for Multiply workers Kyle and Danae Schmidt.

Colton Olsen was affirmed for a second term on the Youth Commission.

“Youth conference was a ton of fun this year,” says director Jared Menard. “Our times of worship together were incredibly powerful in each session. Many students recalibrated their hearts and minds back into the rhythms of King Jesus. We are very grateful for Ridgepoint for allowing us to use their beautiful facilities for the Kingdom.”


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