April 2009 — transformation


Discussion Questions by Joanna Felts

Questions are available for the following articles:

The Greatest Moment by Pierre Gilbert

Later! by Lori Astle

Taking Curtis' Place by Lori Oswald Robinson

The Miracle Car by Kim West and Melissa Grube

Lenten Reflection: More Jesus by Mark Baker


The Greatest Moment by Pierre Gilbert

1. Why is it important for Christians to study “apologetics?

  • Define apologetics.

  • Give an example of apologetics.

2. What is the difference between apologetics and apologizing?

3. How does the term “taking Christ out of Christianity” affect your belief system? Your heart, mind and feelings?

  • Can Christ be taken out of Christianity?

  • Is Christianity valid without Christ?

4. Why is the Jesus of the New Testament “a tad embarrassing?” Name some of the things Jesus says or does that causes him to stand out from other “leaders” in the religious world?

5. Discuss the statement, “Who Christ is has always been the major battlefield of the Christian faith.”

  • Why is this true?

  • Give an example of how differently people that you know see Christ? (For example, some refuse to think of him as “Lord” while others refuse to see that he has a right to judge us. Some only want to see his love, etc.)

6. Why are people not excited about the “Teddy Bear Jesus?”

7. How do the stories of Jesus’ actions, teachings and interactions with others as recorded in Scripture make us aware that Jesus must be the Redeemer of the world?

8. Read 1 Corinthians 15:19. Why should Paul be pitied if Christ did not rise? Why should you or I be pitied?

9. How important is it that Christ has risen from the dead?

10. Why do we resent death? 

Later! by Lori Astle

1. Describe a “grace” incident in your family or church family. 

  • What is grace?

  • How can grace transform a person?

2. How can a person “go worship Jesus” when his or her heart is broken?

3. How did the testimony of one prodigal lead to the salvation of many prodigals?

Taking Curtis' Place by Lori Oswald Robinson

1. Think about the statement, “(Curtis) didn’t talk about how he served God. He only talked about the God he served.” In what specific ways can you begin to talk about or reflect the God you serve?

2. In Exodus 4:2, God asked Moses, “What is in your hand?” Curtis had a love for God and a skill in agriculture that he was willing to use to lead others to a saving knowledge of Christ. What do you have in your hand that God can use?

The Miracle Car by Kim West and Melissa Grube

1. How did Kim get to experience God during the Christmas season of the year she met Melissa?

2. Why does God “interrupt” us in our busyness?

3. How did Melissa get to experience God through Kim’s work on Melissa’s behalf?

4. How did the words, “church family” become real to Melissa January 7?

Lenten Reflection: More Jesus by Mark Baker

1. Take a look at your community. How many different cultures or people groups are represented? Begin to pray that God would bring someone into your life from a different culture with whom you might share the significance of the cross.

2. How is the cross like a multi-faceted diamond? 

  • As a group, name as many characteristics of the cross as you can.

  • Dwell on one aspect of the cross each day during the coming week and ask God to send you to someone who needs to hear that valuable explanation of the cross.

3. Which feature of the power of the cross is the most precious to you?

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