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Arizona church celebrates launch

Axiom Church hosts 175 people on Launch Sunday

Mission USA news story

It was a spiritually charged and lively atmosphere with many people in attendance when Axiom Church, Peoria, Ariz., the daughter church of Copper Hills Community Church in Glendale, Ariz., held their official launch July 28.

In early July the church completed renovation of a storefront site in this rapidly growing city in the Phoenix metro area. Several Mennonite Brethren donors and churches assisted with the cost of renovation. The main meeting area has a capacity for about 175 people and for an additional 25 children in the separate children’s area. Attendance following the launch has been in the 80s.

“To be such a young church and have had the opportunity to publicly launch a new facility for our city has been a huge testament of what God is preparing us for long term,” writes pastor Gavin Linderman. “We have been blessed with the support of our national and local family and God is responding.”

Axiom Church is focusing heavily on discipleship, helping people grow in their relationship with Jesus.
“Just this last week one of our new—actually we’re all new—members of Axiom Church reached out to a friend and invited him into our community,” says Linderman. “Through some discussions, prayer and the proclamation of God’s Word, we witnessed this young man say, ‘It’s time for me to put my flag in the ground for Jesus.’ This really excites us as now we get to help see him through to maturity.”

Linderman says, “We really believe God has asked us to make our decisions in faith and to stretch ourselves, and that’s what we have done and will continue to do. God is faithful in abundance and that’s exciting. There are a handful of ‘unlikelies’ hanging around right now that we believe will come to know Jesus and hopefully call Axiom Church their community and home.”

Axiom is founded on the core principles of the necessity of connected small groups, overall missional focus and healthy, meaningful Sunday gatherings. Although a few “older” people have also attended, the majority of the Axiom congregation are young singles and couples with many small children. The good number of children requires a solid children’s program that is currently being led by volunteers.

“This is all so exciting!” says Megan Milem, worship leader. “God has truly blessed us. I think he will use Axiom as a place for people to find genuine hope and help.”

Linderman says, “These are still very early days with many challenges and opportunities. We know God will be faithful to help us.”

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