Boschman to serve in LEAD Coaching program


Life-on-life mentoring offered to pastors, ministry leaders, lay leaders

Mission USA news story

Ed Boschman, USMB executive director, will serve as head coach of USMB’s LEAD Coaching program, beginning August 1. Boschman, who will retire as executive director at the end of July, will provide overall leadership for this national coaching initiative on a part-time basis and will oversee the continuing development of LEAD Coaching coaches.

LEAD Coaching is part of Mission USA, the USMB church planting and church health ministry. LEAD Coaching provides life-on-life coaching for pastors, ministry leaders and church lay leaders for an agreed-upon term—at basically half the monthly rate of typical Christian life coaching.

“Because of my experience with both having been coached and currently having a coach, I know without a doubt that I can commend this experience to our church staffers and lay leaders,” says Boschman. “It helps you grow as a person and will ramp up your impact in ministry.”

Boschman says life coaching can help pastors and leaders move forward in their ministry and their personal lives. “If you are not content with how things are in your life and you would like to move beyond having to survive your less-than-satisfactory reality, skilled life coaching through LEAD Coaching will provide the help you need to get unstuck and become the best you can be,” says Boschman.

“You can achieve stable spiritual health and general well-being and balance in your life,” says Boschman. “Powerful questions provided by the coach will inspire you to develop a satisfying life plan, ministry vision and ministry plan. As a bonus, you will discover ways to maintain your priority commitments and get things done.”

Boschman believes that connecting with another person about ministry challenges offers great benefits.

“I know that the Spirit of Jesus is the ultimate ‘coach’ for my life, but because of my hard-core humanness, the fact that he is not in the flesh and does not audibly talk to me creates a challenge,” says Boschman. “Having a real live person who cares deeply about me and regularly connects with me about how I am really doing, is both high privilege and greatly motivating. It may well be that the accountability factor is the greatest benefit.”  

LEAD Coaching provides an opportunity to review and refocus life using a one-year “Core Four” model, says Boschman. The phases are: Life Plan, Ministry Vision, Ministry Plan and Priority Management.

“One key reality in the process is that the person being coached holds the reins to the action plans,” says Boschman.

As the LEAD Coaching supervisor, Boschman will ensure quality and consistency in coaching, provide training venues, establish coaching guidelines and handle individual coach concerns. As head coach he will also champion LEAD Coaching among our USMB constituency.  

“It will be a privilege to link with the trained/certified coaches we have in our USMB family,” says Boschman. “My goal will be to keep them encouraged and well resourced as they partner with their coachees. I am honored to have been invited to serve in this way.”  

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