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The 2010 U.S. Conference convention is notable for a variety of reasons. It’s the year the biennial convention was renamed Conection. It was historic, held as part of the North American celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Mennonite Brethren Church. And unfortunately, attendance was considerably lower than projected.

Vancouver 2010

RIM Consultation  304

U.S. attendees 66
Canadian attendees 226
International guests 12

Celebration 2010 554
U.S. attendees   173
Canadian attendees  369
International guests  12
Children/teens   32
(9 from U.S.)
Attendance at opening evening session: 900
Experience Vancouver: 225

Hillsboro 2008

Delegates and guests: 285
Children: 25
Total registered: 310

Boone 2006

Delegates and guests: 249
Children: 29
Total registered: 278

Draper 2004

Delegates and guests: 252
Children: 42
Total registered: 294

Abbotsford 2002

Binational celebration of the General Conference
Delegates and guests: 262
Children: 40
Total registered: 302
Attendance at evening rallies: 1,500

Denver 2000

Delegates and guests: 285
Children: 54
Total registered: 339

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