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Choice Books names new West Coast executive director

Calvin Macon began serving in April as the new executive director of Choice Books West Coast.

The Board of Directors of Choice Books of West Coast (CBWC) has appointed Calvin Macon as the new executive director. He began April 16, 2018.  Eugene Enns, chair of the CBWC Board has served in this position on an interim basis for the past four years and has requested to be relieved of that role. Enns will continue to serve as chair of the board.

CBWC is one of seven regional non-profit distributors working cooperatively with a central office in Harrisonburg, Virginia, to fulfill the organization’s mission of “sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in the general market place through inspiring and wholesome reading material.”

Choice Books, which began in the early 1960’s, is an inter-Mennonite/Anabaptist book rack evangelism ministry which purchases books from Christian publishers and delivers them to over 11,500 book displays strategically located across the continental U.S., Hawaii and Puerto Rico. In 2017 Choice Books sold over 6 million Christian and Inspirational books.

Macon, who was born in Georgia, moved with his family to Yuma, Arizona, where he went to Arizona Western College, majoring in management and accounting. He began his 40-year career with the Southern AZ Citrus Exchange starting in the accounting department. In 1983 he and his family moved to Southern California and later to Visalia, California, where he continued to be involved in citrus-produce sales and management. He also provided consulting and agriculture real estate services.

He served on the Sunkist Growers Board of Directors and various USDA committees. He made many trips overseas in his sales work. From 1975-2000 he was part owner of a discount  auto supply company with eight stores and warehouses located in Arizona and California. Macon retired from his business career last year. Many of Choice Books’ customers are retailers Macon is familiar with as a result of his previous work experiences.

Macon’s church background has been primarily with Methodist churches, where he served on church boards and committees. Due to his recent move to Reedley’s Sierra View Homes, a Mennonite affiliated retirement community, he attends the worship services and Bible studies there.

Macon has four grown children and eight grandchildren. Three of his four children live in various regions of California, and one lives in Chicago.

Macon’s life dramatically changed five years ago. He was living in Arizona when he suffered a heart attack and was in the hospital in Tucson for eight months recovering from a very serious situation.

“Prayer and dependence on God helped me through this difficult time,” says Macon.

After extensive rehab he was able to re-enter the workforce, first on a part time basis and then full time. After deciding to retire last year, Macon and his son, who lives in Fresno, began checking out some retirement facilities in the Valley. After discovering Sierra View Homes in Reedley, Macon began to make the transition from Phoenix to his new home at Sierra View Homes.

Macon soon began discussing with Ro Linscheid, assistant administrator of Sierra View and wife of a CBWC Board member, that he was interested in finding some meaningful activity or work that would keep him from getting bored. She shared with him the ministry of Choice Books whereupon he contacted Eugene Enns which led to the recommendation that the Board of CBWC hire Calvin.

After prayer and further discernment, Macon and the board agreed to join efforts in growing the CB ministry on the West Coast by emphasizing new sales along with having a more hands-on executive director.

Macon says, “My walk in faith was strengthened during my time spent in the hospital after a period of two years of recuperation and therapy. I feel that I was given the opportunity to be involved in the mission of serving and giving that Choice Books ministry offers.  At this stage of my life I feel this is a perfect match.”


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