Christian Church of Peace in Mexico

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In 2023, the Mexico MB Conference annual meeting brought together the pastors and leaders from the nine churches and two preaching points.

Iglesia Cristiana de Paz en México (ICPM, Christian Church of Peace in Mexico) hosted its annual assembly March 2, 2024, bringing together pastors and leaders from various churches affiliated with the MB conference in Mexico.

This national conference of nine congregations and two new preaching points has 19 pastors and a membership of 359. Total attendance is 983 and 35 people were baptized in 2023.

Led by Pastor Carlos Ortega, president of ICPM, the gathering provided an opportunity to reflect on the past year and chart a course for the future. During the assembly, Ortega delivered a comprehensive report on the events of 2023, expressing gratitude for the privilege of serving as president for six years. He acknowledged the challenges faced in the past but celebrated success in stabilizing the conference’s finances, ensuring transparency and addressing inherited issues.

One notable achievement is the conference’s partnership with Biblical Institute of Asunción (IBA) in 2023. This collaboration resulted in scholarships to Mexican students pursuing undergraduate and master’s degrees, demonstrating the conference’s commitment to supporting education and empowering future leaders.

Elections were also held during the assembly to form the Administrative Council for 2024 to 2027. Among the elected officials are Carlos Alberto Ortega Castellanos as president, Israel Chávez Barajas as vice president, Héctor Resillas Ortiz as secretary and Roberto Gracia Calderón as treasurer. These individuals will play pivotal roles in guiding the conference forward in the coming years.

Elected leaders of the Christian Peace Church in Mexico.

In conjunction with the assembly, Elton DaSilva, the new global director of ICOMB, led a workshop titled “Biblical Principles for Effective Ministry, Missionary Growth and Organizational Health.” The workshop drew participation from over 35 individuals, including men and women, leaders and pastors from various ICPM churches. The workshop aimed to equip attendees with the tools to build healthy organizations rooted in biblical principles, fostering growth and sustainability.

Following the assembly, ICPM continued its tradition of unity and worship on Sunday, March 3. Members from churches across the region, including Guadalajara, Colima, the State of Mexico and Tijuana, gathered under tents, creating a vibrant atmosphere of fellowship and celebration. More than 200 individuals came to worship, share meals and enjoy recreational activities, strengthening bonds of faith and community.

ICPM looks ahead with a renewed sense of purpose and unity. Through collaboration, service and a commitment to biblical principles, the conference remains dedicated to spreading the message of peace and love in Mexico and beyond.

Report by Elton DaSilva

Did you know?

Cholula Pyramid – Cholula, Puebla, Mexico

Chocolate originated in Mexico. The Aztecs and Mayans typically enjoyed it as a drink and used the beans as currency. After the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire, chocolate was imported to Europe.

Mexico’s Great Pyramid of Cholula (right) is the largest pyramid by volume in the world, even larger than the pyramids of Giza. Although Cholula’s Great Pyramid may not be the largest in height, it’s so massive that when the Spanish conquered the city, they thought it was a hill.

Mexico is home to the second-largest coral reef in the world, after the Australian Great Barrier Reef. Along the Caribbean coast is the Mesoamerican Reef System, a barrier reef that stretches 621 miles between Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.

Mexico is a big consumer of Coca-Cola, with 163 liters per individually annually, a rate of consumption not seen anywhere else in the world.


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