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Come to the table

Electronic digest offers another way to stay informed

A friend of mine tells a story about family dinners at the home of her grandmother, where the table would be laden with huge bowls of mashed potatoes, large platters of meat and generous side dishes. Grammy wanted to be sure all were welcome at her table and all were well-fed. One legendary holiday, the dining table cracked under the load!

Here at the Christian Leader, we like to think of our communications efforts as a family table, where we gather to converse and connect. Like food at Grammy’s table, we’ve found that the good stories among USMB are plentiful—too plentiful, in fact, to fit within our bimonthly magazine. We have more testimonies of transformed individuals, families and communities than our 32 pages can accommodate. More thoughtful articles for the feature department, more helpful column ideas and more news.

So we are building a bigger table. This month we begin publishing C-Link, a free, biweekly electronic news digest that offers breaking news, CL updates and stories from our schools, USMB and partner agencies.

Assistant editor Myra Holmes and I will cull through the news stories that come to us from Tabor College, Fresno Pacific University, Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary, MB Mission, MB Foundation and the International Community of Mennonite Brethren. We will consider information from local churches, district conferences and USMB ministries such as the Historical Commission, National Youth Convention, Ministry Quest, the leadership program aimed at high school youth, and Kindred Productions, the North American MB publisher. We will review updates from the alphabet soup of the larger Mennonite community—MCC (Mennonite Central Committee), MDS (Mennonite Disaster Service) and MWC (Mennonite World Conference), to name just three.

Then every two weeks, we will provide C-Link subscribers with the most interesting and informative stories.

We look forward to sharing with you via C-Link news and stories that you won’t find any place else. It’s another way our communication efforts are expanding, and another way to keep us connected. A healthy family is a linked family.

So when you sign-up for C-Link you are getting more than a biweekly news digest. You’re strengthening our USMB family ties. Look for the C-Link sign-up button at, on the CL Online home page or on our CL Facebook page. Come join us at our newly-expanded family dinner table.

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