Local Church News

News Department

Do you have a story idea for the Christian Leader? An event or development that you think should be reported? A person or ministry that could be profiled? An issue or concern that could be featured? Please send a brief description of your story idea to Connie Faber at editor@usmb.org

Church News

This department is one of the most popular in the publication! The content for this department comes from church bulletins, newsletters and information sent to us. Email the assistant editor at newseditor@usmb.org

Please provide:

  • The full names of all involved, spelled correctly
  • Dates, including month and date
  • Sufficient detail of the event

Church News is organized into three categories:


  • Baptism and membership
  • Celebrations — church anniversaries, charter services, special events
  • Deaths

Reaching In

  • Discipleship — Christian education and nurture activities
  • Fellowship — social activities
  • Worship — special worship services

Reaching Out

  • Local — Outreach activities and ministries, commissioning services
  • Globally — Outreach activities outside the U.S., commissioning services