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MB Mission testimony by Janae Pauls

During my ACTION (short-term) mission experience in Brazil, I received incredible hospitality. Although the Brazilians spoke Portuguese, they never hesitated to hug us and invite us into their homes – even before they knew our names. They did everything they could to make us feel like we were family, pouring out their love into our team.

This “pouring into” changed me deeply. Although I had come with the intent to serve the people of Brazil, they served me! As instruments of Christ’s love, they broke through all language and cultural barriers between us. Their hospitality showed me the impact I could have in my own home community if I shared Christ’s love like they did with me. God showed me that my mission is to share the same love I experienced in Brazil, back home.

Before my plane landed in Kansas, I knew what God wanted me to do. I returned to my home churchat Zoar MB (Inman, Kan.) and began volunteering in the youth group. There were teen girls who needed to feel loved and invested in. There was a passion growing in my heart to open my home to guests. The Brazilian believers never hesitated to extend a loving hand, and I saw the effect such hospitality could have on the people in my fast-paced world.

As I continue to develop these passions in my life, I’m thankful for the love He showed me through His Body. I am excited to pour out that love to others, in the US or wherever He calls me next.

Please pray for MB Mission’s short-term participants as they return home to serve. Pray for the ACTION leaders as they organize four upcoming programs.

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