Don Morris taking sabbatical

USMB national director began three-month sabbatical in April


USMB national director Don Morris began a three-month sabbatical April 9 that will run through July 4. Morris’ objectives during the sabbatical include rest, Bible reading, prayer, family time and home projects, as well as time to disconnect, recharge, refocus and review.

“There are times where an extended break is necessary for the deep rest of the heart, mind and soul,” says USMB Leadership Board chair Luke Haidle. “The USMB board believes in rest, in proper work/life balance and taking care of people. Don’s role is unique and carries burdens that other roles do not. We are thrilled to offer Don a sabbatical. For now, the agenda is to simply rest and renew.”

Haidle and USMB staff members are covering Morris’ duties as needed.

Morris last took a sabbatical in 2011.


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