Epp concludes USMB ministry


Epp serves nine months as USMB director of development

USMB press release

J Edward Epp has concluded his work as the USMB director of development, effective June 30. USMB Executive Director Ed Boschman made the announcement July 3.

“We affirm J for his shepherd’s heart and for his love for the church,” said Boschman in the announcement.

“We are grateful for his positive commitment to and service in our USMB family. We pray God’s best for J and commend him to our churches for future ministry.”

Epp, who served for nine months, was responsible for coordinating public relations, designing and implementing fund development programs and strengthening connections with churches and partner agencies.

Epp was the first individual to hold the position on a full-time basis since the position was created in 2011.

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