From the Mission USA director


By Don Morris

Over 10 inches of rain fell in just 12 hours near our home recently. There was flooding in many parts of our city of Edmond, Okla., but thankfully we were spared. It was a record rainfall. But we're already needing another rain because all that water of a few days ago has been used up, depleted due to high temperatures and beating sunshine.

I have another flood to tell you about: I firmly believe that God is granting his favor to us to plant a flood of new Mennonite Brethren churches over the next few years. Since I began as director of Mission USA six years ago, I have not experienced anything similar to this. We have several gifted people who would like to plant churches, who are feeling the call to plant churches and just itching to get started.

As I envision this flood approaching, what’s truly amazing to me is that it really is about what God is doing rather than anything that we have done. The only question is: Will we allow him to do this through us? Are we, as a MB family, willing to do whatever it takes to make this happen? Are we willing to pray for it to happen? Are we willing to fund it? Are we willing to embrace it?

I don't make this prognostication lightly. It would be a huge mistake to talk up the storm, only to see that there are actually no clouds on the horizon. It's pretty easy to simply talk about a coming flood of new MB churches—but is it? Is it really? Again, I believe it is.
When the clouds formed over Edmond that day, very few were predicting record rainfall. Sure, it looked like rain, but 10 inches? C'mon! People were unprepared for that. A lot of people are now replacing soaked Sheetrock and carpet. It's an awful mess. But our yard and lawn loved it. It greened-up like you wouldn't believe.

My personal belief is that we could see at least five to eight new church plants per year in coming years—if we are prepared. If we are, think of how lush and full that feeling will be for us as a family of churches, to have planted and witnessed how God watered and grew them.

If we are not prepared for what God is doing, it will just be a mess. And it could easily end up kind of like our flood in Edmond. Some people were ready and reaped the benefit of lots of rain while others saw only damage and a drain on their livelihood. Some of our churches and constituency will see this as an opportunity to invest in the kingdom of God, enjoying the result of watching seedling churches grow and reach people. Are you ready for the flood?


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