God anointed me

Everything is possible when you listen to God's calling

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My name is Alex Mutabazi, son of Pastor Rugombangabo Philipe, originally from Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo. I received my calling from God in Uganda, where I lived for 11 years as a refugee. This is my testimony.

As a result of war in my country, my wife, Alice, and I fled on foot to Uganda with our two daughters. We left without travel documents, fearing arrest or even death.

With good hearts, the Ugandan people welcomed many refugees like us. We settled in a one-room house, which bustled with activity as our family grew to include seven children, including a set of twins.

I didn’t have a job, so we didn’t have enough money. To make ends meet, I sold clothing, traveling 9 hours from home because of the shame I felt. Without money for a hotel, I slept outside, knowing that if I didn’t sell anything, my family and I wouldn’t have food. But God provided.

One night in 2009, as I lay sleeping in my little house, a man appeared to me in a vision. He told me to start a ministry and call it His Grace Christian Life Church.

I knew I didn’t have the money to register a church, so I journeyed to what is known as Prayer Mountain to listen for God’s voice. For three days I fasted and prayed in the presence of God. God answered my prayers and gave me faith that despite my poor condition, he had called me.

When I returned home, I joined hands with my wife and children and prayed over my calling. I needed their support before starting the work. Despite my confidence in hearing God’s voice, my wife lacked that certainty. I fasted for another three days, asking God for a physical sign in my body. On the third morning, my right hand looked like it had been touched by fire. I said, “God, glory be to you. That’s what I wanted.” When I showed the burn to my wife, she affirmed my calling. The next Sunday, we started a church in our home.

God anointed me—a poor refugee in a country not my own—and gave me his Word to preach. People supported me. I gained the trust of community and government leaders who allowed me to work even though I did not have all my paperwork. As the ministry grew, we placed a tent outside our home, eventually moving to larger homes in which to meet.

When, in 2016, God opened my way to come to the United States, I ordained a pastor to stay with the church, and I moved to Nashville, Tenn.

I now pastor His Grace Christian Life Church in Nashville, while supporting two branches in Uganda, including the original church and a new one in a different province. We recently bought land and built a temporary structure for the first church and bought a house for the pastor.

When I started the ministry, it felt like a burden to me. But God has provided for me and my family. I cried when I got my first vehicle. I have a mortgage under my name. It’s a miracle. I am thankful to be connected to Mennonite Brethren now. God is teaching me that everything is possible if you listen to God’s calling.

As told to Janae Rempel



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