“Green car” brings couple to events


Driving to Kansas paying $2 per gallon of gas? 

Mary Anne Isaak, pastor at College Community Church MB in Clovis, Calif., smiles from the driver’s window of the 1979 Volkswagen Rabbit she and her husband, Jon, associate professor of New Testament at MB Biblical Seminary's Fresno, Calif., campus, drove to the Pastors’ Conference and National Convention.

Jon has worked on the car for the past few years during his school breaks, tuning it up and converting it to run on recycled vegetable oil.

Their 4,729-mile trip, which began in Fresno, took them through Kansas for the convention and on to an extended vacation up into Manitoba, Canada, before returning to Fresno the second week of August.

The VW Rabbit used only 60 gallons of recycled oil from Fresno to Winnipeg. Their average miles per gallon was 37, and they got up to 47 miles per gallon. The Isaaks filled up their five-gallon oil containers along the way at restaurants, with the price of oil ranging from free to $2 per gallon.


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