ICOMB invites prayer for MB church in India

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The International Community of Mennonite Brethren (ICOMB) is inviting Mennonite Brethren around the globe to join the MB church in India for 15 days of prayer, beginning Sept. 18 and concluding Oct. 2 with a global prayer service.

The letter of invitation from Emerson Cardoso, ICOMB chair, and Rudi Plett, ICOMB executive director, invites the global MB church to “come together as a conference and as a global family.”

“We invite all 22 ICOMB members and all emerging ICOMB members to join the MB church in India in prayer during this transition time which poses serious challenges and great opportunities,” says the invitation. “We are praying for important leadership and structural changes, for wounds to be healed, for relationships to be restored, for trust to be regained and new hope awakened. We are praying for a healthy and whole India conference.”

ICOMB is providing a daily prayer guide for the 15 days of prayer, noting that the India MB Conference is one of the oldest MB conferences, with more than 100 years of history. Down load prayer guide here.

“Even with limited information about the broader situation, you can join whole-heartedly using the guide,” Cardoso and Plett say. “We believe Jesus will lead us in our intercession for India and the wider global family.”

The global prayer service Oct. 2 will be done in English with some short segments done in Telegue. ICOMB is not providing translation.

The meeting will be held via Zoom and information needed to join is given below.

Meeting Information: 


                Meeting ID: 843 1636 7988
Passcode: 874576

 Meeting Time:

                Central Daylight Time    9:00 a.m.

                Hyderabad, India          19:30 (UTC + 5:30)

                Tokyo, Japan                  23:00

                Berlin, Germany            16:00

                Kinshasa, Congo            15:00

                Curitiba, Brazil               11:00

                Vancouver, Canada      07:00


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