Kindred hires SDC staff


Sterk to work from home office

—Kindred Productions news release 

Kindred Productions, the publishing arm of North American Mennonite Brethren, has hired Amy Sterk of Newton, Kan., to be its representative for the Southern District Conference.

Sterk started working for KP Jan. 19. Prior to this assignment, Sterk worked as the U.S. mailing clerk.  She will be contacting churches in the Southern District to build relationships and explain the Kindred Spirits Rewards Program. Through the Rewards Program, churches that purchase books and curriculum though KP benefit their church and Mennonite Brethren ministries globally. In future months KP will be exploring having a representative in each of the five U.S. districts, with two in California.

Effective August 2008, KP closed its shipping office in Hillsboro, Kan. Offices in Winnipeg, Man., remain open. KP expects this to be a temporary move as it rebuilds its base among U.S. Mennonite Brethren churches.

Director Mario Buscio says that when orders validate the need for a shipping office in the United States, KP will choose the best location from which to do that. “In the meantime,” he says, “Kindred Productions is working out a plan that will keep the shipping costs to our U.S. churches at current levels that our churches and their members are used to.”

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