Leadership Fuel offers resources at your fingertips

MISSION & MINISTRY: New webpage intended to offer training, ideas for leadership development


Leadership Fuel is a new USMB webpage designed for providing curated resources for leaders who are passionate about developing new leaders for future ministry. It’s a resource that was suggested at the January 2024 vision summit in Peoria, Arizona, where 57 MB leaders gathered to talk about the current critical need for developing new leaders. Many indicated that we need just such a site, created by Mennonite Brethren for posting good, solid resources for this important need.

“In today’s era, where information and resources are readily accessible, having a streamlined system to unlock our ministry’s potential is incredibly beneficial,” says Kyle Goings, USMB NextGen chair. “Searching for answers via Google can often be overwhelming, but Leadership Fuel offers a neatly organized solution right at my fingertips. I appreciate its dynamic nature, continually evolving with new resources and ideas, mirroring our growth as a denomination.”

To Going’s point, the intent of this new webpage is that in short order it will become a very robust site where MB leaders can find a wealth of training and information about leadership development. For that to happen, leaders are being asked to submit their favorite resources, whether books, articles, videos or podcasts, to be posted on the site.

The U.S. Board of Faith and Life will review all material before the resource is posted to make sure items submitted are relevant and fit Mennonite Brethren. Suggested resources can be submitted on the form on the webpage itself and then the process begins. The USMB webmaster will make sure the webpage stays updated and fresh.

“If USMB was going to create a webpage dedicated to leadership development, it needed to be done the right way,” says retiring national director Don Morris, who led the charge for the development of the site. “It took some time to get this developed by the professionals at Friesen Design, working with our webmaster Lori Taylor, so it’s well done, easy to navigate and has the capacity for adding a multitude of entries.”

Matt Ehresman, communications and online engagement director at Ridgepoint Church in Wichita, Kansas, and USMB LEAD Pods host, says, “​The internet gets bigger every day. There are tons of great leadership resources out there, but it is increasingly difficult to sort through all the noise to find content that is actually relevant and helpful. The goal of Leadership Fuel is to find and share quality, vetted and curated resources that align with our MB values. The larger our library becomes, the more helpful it will be for all of us.”

Although the site has been created for leaders to find assistance as they seek and develop new leaders within their own contexts, current leaders will also find a lot of good help for their own personal leadership development on Leadership Fuel.

“I can’t wait to see what all will be on this site,” Morris adds. “We keep using the word, ‘robust.’ I think it will be a robust webpage very soon! But only if it gets used and leaders are consistently submitting their choice suggestions.”

Although there are already some early additions to Leadership Fuel, many more suggestions are needed. As Morris indicates, this is a somewhat interactive webpage where those using the site are also helping to develop the site.

“Leadership Fuel showcases curated resources pertaining to the development of new leaders,” says Janae Shafer, USMB Communications. “Visit the site to see what others have recommended and add your own submissions to spark leadership development in yourself and others.“

To access Leadership Fuel, go to: leadershipfuel.org


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