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Response to Jan/Feb 2021 issue on racism and the church

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Thank you for the thoughtful, careful, measured articles in the Christian Leader January issue on racism. The biblical and Jesus-centered approach of each article is clear and consistent with the Mennonite Brethren commitment to be a biblical people. The Bible teaches that our God-given vocation begins with all humanity, male and female, created in God’s image to pursue God’s purpose of righteousness and justice (Gen. 1:27; 18:19). Righteousness involves right relations with others. Justice requires systems to promote right relations. Biblical justice, God’s justice, prioritizes marginalized people, orphans, widows, undocumented (Deut. 10:12-19). I am making it my aim to listen to people of color, particularly Christians, to learn how American political and economic systems have blocked people of color from opportunity. I want to pursue the questions addressed by Jesus—Who is my neighbor? How can I love my neighbor as myself? Thank you, Christian Leader and USMB Church for this fine issue to help me as a follower of Jesus!

Lynn Jost

Fresno, California

CL Staff
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