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The apostle Paul teaches us in 1 Corinthians 12 that we are “one body with many parts.” Though we belong to the same body, each member has different gifts and different experiences. We are grateful for the opportunity presented in the Jan/Feb issue of the Christian Leader to listen to and honor the experience of other members of the body of Christ. Thank you to the many authors who shared vulnerably, to all who invested in the webinars this fall and to the Christian Leader for dedicating an issue to this important conversation.

Our body has suffered, has been in pain, and we have too often turned away and failed to see. We have operated as if we were only a leg and that was enough, as if the fact that arms and eyes and hearts being afflicted had no impact on us because we, the leg, were moving just fine. Thank you for helping remind us that the body is so much larger than our limited experiences.  May we continue to listen in humility so that we can love the other members of our body as we love ourselves.

Aaron and Christa Wiens
Fresno, California

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