Letter to the editor


I want to thank the Christian Leader’s Editorial Committee for redefining its role from “directive” to “advisory.” This frees the editorial staff to do their work—and allows the committee to focus its energy on the broader vision for the publication.

The awards that Connie Faber and her colleagues have won for excellence demonstrate the quality of the Christian Leader and the respect others have for the magazine and for the team that produces it. The committee’s action reflects their trust in Connie’s judgement and commitment to journalistic excellence.

The statement describing the committee’s new role noted that Mennonite Brethren sometimes disagree. It continues by suggesting that “Maybe our MB family needs to be reminded that it’s okay to disagree.

That’s a great idea. Given the diversity of the MB Church, we shouldn’t be surprised that people sometimes disagree on issues that are tearing society apart. These differences will neither go away nor be reconciled on their own. While not every disagreement can be easily resolved, thoughtful and honest conversations—including within the pages of the Christian Leader—may help preserve relationships and perhaps even change some minds.

Merrill Ewert

Topeka, Kansas


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