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Voters are choosing between two paths in November

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America has two paths in November. The Bible tells us that there are two separate paths man travels in life. The one leads to God and eternal life, the other to destruction and damnation. Matthew 7:13 says, “Enter in by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many are those who enter in by it.” The Bible calls the right path “the narrow gate” and the wrong “the broad way.”

A couple of years ago during the mid-term elections, I heard a fellow MB Christian brother say that he did not know who to vote for for a particular state office. I responded by saying, “Of course you know, you vote the Bible.” Simply compare the two candidates and the one which best lines up with the Bible, scripture and truths, that is the one best suited for the job. He replied, “Now I know who to vote for. Thank you.” Sometimes we allow politics to cloud our God-given wisdom.

America is now at a crossroad which will either lead to destruction or by God’s grace at least another four years of the America we have known. The coming presidential election in November will either end America as we know it or provide one more opportunity to allow revival to sweep across our land.

The two gates in November are about as opposite as light and darkness.

The “broad way” path which has become a far-left extreme platform is identified with:

  • Abortion on demand
  • Socialism
  • Promoting Sharia law/Islamic law
  • Defunding of the law enforcing departments
  • Same sex marriage
  • Open boarders
  • Voting by mail
  • Denouncing  Christianity
  • Adopting atheists as part of their platform
  • Cutting the military budget
  • Pro-China
  • Abolishing the U.S. constitution

The “narrow gate” path which is closest to biblical Scripture is identified with:

  • Pro-life and stopping abortion
  • Biblical marriage – one man one woman
  • Supporting and encouraging law-enforcing officers and departments
  • Capitalism and a free market
  • Controlled borders with compassion
  • Voting with proper ID
  • Supporting and protecting Christianity (religion)
  • Advancing military programs like Air Force Space Command to keep America strong
  • Stopping  China from taking over America
  • Upholding and honoring the U.S. constitution

America is at the crossroads. Get out and vote the Bible! It is your God-given right and obligation. Two men/Two parties/Two different America’s. It is up to you!

Roy Vanburen

Hillsboro,  Kansas

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