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A clear choice in the 2020 election

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I just read through the Sept/Oct issue and was so disappointed. With the election so close and with people voting already, I was hoping that we would be reminded about the clear choice we have to make this year.

God has put us into this wonderful—not perfect county where we are privileged to vote. (Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.) As Christians, are we voting for people who have the same moral values that we do—whether its school board, mayor or president?

We are not voting for our spiritual leaders but people who will not kill our babies and take away our religious freedom.

I know we Mennonites are not fighting people, but aren’t we supposed to resist evil? What more evil than killing our unborn? If we vote for people who will fund abortion. Or if we don’t vote the other side, we stand as accomplices to the murder.

Many of the TV pastors are coming right out and saying, “We must take a stand now and vote the Bible.”

We Christians have also done a very poor job with our public schools. Kids are coming out with no respect for God, themselves or other’s property. They are filled with hate, without hope and thinking nothing of killing (tissue) that was made in the image of God, just for their convenience. May God have mercy on their souls, and ours, for not looking into the morals of the people we vote for.

I wonder how many of us “Christians” go to church, pray a few pious words that don’t go further than the ceiling. During the week, no one would ever know we had spent an hour in church on Sunday. It’s time to get on our knees, folks!

When we meet our Lord and Savior and he asks us what we did to protect his “little ones,” will we say, “I thought it more important to not vote for Trump because I didn’t like his personality or his tweets.”

Joyce Sam

Fresno, California


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