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I just read the following (Sept/Oct issue, “When it’s time to vote”), “We hear the U.S. President [sic] speak in racially charged tones and refer to people who disagree with him as his enemies, and we begin to look at each other in the same way!”  THAT is a gross generalization and a non substantiated personal opinion written by a Christian periodical editor!

To that statement I take personal offense, but since I am one of the “deplorables,” what else can one such person expect? Can I use that broken yardstick and contend that all followers of Hillary Clinton are relativists who live and act by the belief that the end justifies the means and repetitive lies are not “false facts”? Furthermore, what is implied by the phrase “racially charged tones”?  Isn’t that phrase an example of the point in question?

An inquiring mind needs some clarification!!!

Paul Flaming

Fresno, California


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