March 2009 — the missional church


Discussion Questions by Joanna Felts

Questions are available for the following articles:

Locked Out by Don Morris

This Must Be My Ship by Jeff Nikkel

God, What Are You Doing? by Jules Glanzer

Let It Shine by Cory Seibel

Locked Out

1. The author of “Locked Out” points out that we are tempted to isolate ourselves from the world around us. We could go a step further and say that we find ourselves isolated in many ways without knowing how we got there.

  • What are some signs that we (individually or collectively) are isolated from people who need to hear about Jesus Christ?

  • What specific steps can you take to become “un-isolated?”

2. What specific steps can you take to become a missional Christian? 

3. What are some particular services that you and other Christians can perform in your community so that you will be able to meet and talk with the people in the community?

4. Outline a series of detailed steps you can take to get to know your neighbors better so that you can spread the light of Jesus in your neighborhood. Form an accountability partnership with one or more people to pray with you and encourage you as you move through the steps.

This Must Be My Ship

1. If you were to evaluate your Christianity right now, would you be working from a cruise ship mentality or a search and rescue boat mentality?

  • What about your small group?

  • What about your church?

2. Pull from Scriptures two examples that prove that God is a missionary God. Talk about these Scriptures and tell how God worked differently in each situation. How did he work the same?

3. The author speaks of the church as relational and organic.

  • How do those terms relate to the Church?

  • If the goal of the church is to be relational and organic, what changes would need to be made within your congregation?

4. What are some detailed ways that you and your church can become servant(s) to your city or town?

God, What Are You Doing?

1. How do you approach God when things do not go as planned?

2. Based on Exodus 6:6-8, how do you see God working among people today? What principles still hold true today even though we are not in slavery in Egypt?

3. Name someone that you believe is a “missional leader” today or cite an example from Scripture other than Moses. What qualities make (or made) that person stand out in your mind as someone used by God?

4. The author states, “Missional leadership understands that the church is not the end but the means…” Discuss the following:

  • Where does your church find itself on this continuum at the present time?

  • How can your congregation become the catalyst for the kingdom of God or how is it already the catalyst it should be for the means to the end?

  • How can your church become a leader in your community to show forth the kingdom of God?

Let It Shine

1. The author describes a specific way that one church become “insulated” from its neighborhood. What are some other ways that churches become protected from their communities?

2. Why does “bug light theology” not work?

  • Did it work in historical societies? Why or why not?
  • How do current neighborhood trends further exacerbate the issue?

3. Read John 1:1-14. 

  • Why did Jesus come to live among us?
  • Why should we “live” (i.e. fully enjoy life) among our neighbors?
  • How should we “live” (i.e. fully enjoy life) among our neighbors?

4. Jesus said, “So send I you.” We say “Y’all come.” 

  • What intrinsic difference exists between those two statements?
  • Which method works the best for bringing people into the Kingdom?
  • Why?

5. Where are some places in your community where people already gather that might provide good places for your congregation to “go ye therefore?”

6. Discuss the difference between being “intentionally attractional” and “intentionally incarnational.”

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