MB Foundation launches the Giving Challenge


Winner will be given $5,000 to give to charity

MB Foundation press release

MB Foundation has officially launched the Giving Challenge. Between January and April, MB Foundation is collecting stories of generosity through their website. Each story will be entered automatically to win $5,000 to give away to the ministry(ies) of the winner’s choosing.

The purpose of the Giving Challenge is to encourage a spirit of generosity through the sharing of giving stories, ultimately releasing additional money into the kingdom.  “It is important that stories get shared, so that we can learn from those experiences and encourage others,” says Jon Wiebe, president and CEO of MB Foundation. “Together, we could create a tidal wave of generosity as people are encouraged to tell their story and others are encouraged by reading those stories.”

The one who shares the story may be the giver or the recipient of an act of generosity. Each story received will be entered into a random drawing to win $5,000 to give away. The randomly selected winner(s) will distribute funds to the 501(c)(3) charity(ies) of their choosing. Eligible charities include local churches, schools and mission agencies.

“We believe this has the potential to benefit everyone because everyone has a generosity story to tell and everyone knows of a ministry or charity that could benefit from $5,000,” says Wiebe. “We hope that the Giving Challenge can combine these two ideas.”

People are stepping up and using God’s resources to meet the needs of others, says Wiebe. “Join us in sharing the joy of giving and enter your story at www.mbfoundation.com/givingchallenge.”



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