MB Foundation partners with Chip Ingram


New resources available to USMB congregations

MB Foundation press release

MB Foundation has launched a new stewardship emphasis centered on the theme, The Genius of Generosity. 

The Genius of Generosity, developed by Chip Ingram, provides a new and inexpensive experience to help churches raise the generosity temperature in the local church. In addition to  written resources, MB Foundation will be hosting an audiocast with Ingram on March 14. After that date, the interview will be available on the web.

In his new book, The Genius of Generosity, Chip Ingram urges readers to consider how to be truly smart when it comes to managing finances and ones very life. The secret? Generous living.

Ingram serves as senior pastor of Venture Church in Los Gatos, California and is president of the international teaching & discipleship ministry, Living on the Edge. 

“We are excited about our partnership with Generous Church and Living on the Edge, which resulted in bringing some incredible resources to our Mennonite Brethren family," says Jon C. Wiebe, president and CEO of MB Foundation. "Not only do we have access to Chip’s new book, but we have his sermons on the book, teaching guides and a wealth of resources to help the local church teach on generosity.”

For more information about The Genius of Generosity, please visit MBFoundation.com/Genius or call MB Foundation at 800-551-1547.


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