MBF sets date for Celebrate 2022!

MB Foundation invites boomers, builders and empty nesters to Celebrate 2022! to be held in San Diego, California, in February of 2022.


MB Foundation announces plans for Celebrate 2022! in San Diego, California, February 25-27, 2022. This is the fourth national gathering geared for boomers, builders and empty nesters.

Previous Celebrate gatherings in 2015, 2017 and 2019 took place in the Midwest.

“After 2019 we promised to take the event to the West Coast and we believe the sun and sand will be a great place to invigorate us during February,” says Jon C. Wiebe, president and CEO. “We are excited about bringing people together after months of isolation.”

The every-other-year event was moved to 2022 to allow conditions with the pandemic to stabilize.

This event is a significant way for MB Foundation to encourage and inspire this age group who are looking to invest their lives in new ways. A recent attendee said, “Celebrate 2019! was excellent. I’m motivated to step out and do something, to stretch.”

“We are looking forward to gathering for encouragement, worship and fellowship. Celebrate gatherings are becoming a highlight of our ministry at MB Foundation. Mark your calendars and plan to join us!” Wiebe says.

Visit www.mbfoundation.com/celebrate2022 for more information or contact MB Foundation at 800.551.1547.


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