Mission MB plants daughter church


Congregation targets 7-Mile Line neighborhood for new church plant

Mission USA news story

Mission (Texas) MB Church has announced the birth of a daughter church in the northern part of this city in the Rio Grande Valley. Williams Velez is the church planter of Iglesia Biblica De La Gracia Hermanos Menonitas. Velez, who just completed a biblical studies degree from Rio Grande Bible Institute, Edinburg, Texas, formally began serving as the church planter Jan. 1.

Although Velez began serving as a paid staff member in January, he has ministered to a group of 15 to 20 people in the area for over a year. During that time, five people have been baptized. In addition to several adults, there are many children attending the weekly gatherings.

Mission USA, Grace Bible Church of Gettysburg, SD, and the Latin American MB District Conference (LAMB) are joining Mission MB Church as supporting entities. The church plant project team consists of Velez and his wife, Elurden; John Langer from Grace Bible Church; Don Morris, director of Mission USA; two or three leaders from Mission MB Church and perhaps a member from LAMB’s leadership board.

A small worship facility is under construction on what is known as 7-Mile Line in Mission. Plans are for this facility to provide space for the new church’s worship gatherings, but additional space is still needed for children’s activities. The church’s goal is to reach people in close proximity to the church facility, a neighborhood with many needs and broken families.

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