New Fresno church launches


Neighborhood Church attracts working professionals, homeless

Mission USA news story

About 100 neighbors—from the homeless to working professionals—helped to launch Neighborhood Church, a new church plant in the Jackson area of Fresno, Calif., that held its first service Jan. 24 in a local elementary school cafeteria.

Among the group was a young father who heard about the new church from a flyer on his door and brought his daughters. “I need church,” the man told church planter Joe White after the service. “I just got out of prison, and I can’t go back. I have to take care of my four kids—they are all I have.”

White assured the young man that the new church will be there for him. The father responded: “Knowing you are here to support me gives me the confidence I need to keep doing the right things. It feels good to be believed in.”

White’s goal is to grow to about 120, the capacity of the cafeteria at Jackson Elementary School, and to then plant another church in a different part of the neighborhood.


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