New resources available from MB Foundation


Materials based on The God Pocket encourage generosity

MB Foundation press release

MB Foundation announces new resources to inspire generosity. The resources are built around The God Pocket by Bruce Wilkerson.

The God Pocket explores the experience of setting aside a predetermined amount of money you carry with you to be given to someone you encounter in everyday life as God nudges you to make the gift. The idea is if funds are set aside in a designated place with a designated purpose, the giver will approach the day with new eyes on the lookout for those in need and be able to take action when God nudges them to make a gift.  

The book has had an impact on Jon Wiebe, MB Foundation president and CEO. As a result, he and his wife, Ellynne, are often watching for “God Pocket moments.”

 “This book, coupled with the experiences I’ve had, have opened my eyes to a more personal way of being used by God to share the resources he has blessed me with,” says Wiebe. “I try to be prepared physically and spiritually to give, and as a result, I have seen firsthand the joy in the recipient and felt firsthand the joy of giving, as we allow ourselves to be used by God. Our normal giving experiences do not often allow for those two things to happen in such a tangible way.”

Wiebe’s experience was the inspiration for MB Foundation to create a set of resources available to churches and church leaders to help their congregations explore the same kind of giving experience. The resources are available at and include:

  • Sermon outline
  • Discussion guides for youth and adults
  • Application exercises to teach the principles to congregations
  • Promotional resources

“My hope is that these resources would help people pursue a giving experience that loves God and loves people in a very personal and relational way,” says Wiebe.



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