New USMB staff positions, vacancy filled


Three new staff members appointed

The U.S. Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches (USCMBC) has filled two new part-time staff positions and one vacancy.  Aleksandr Borisov, a Mennonite Brethren pastor from Spokane, Wash., began work Aug. 15 as the Slavic ministries director, a new position made possible by a partnership of five MB entities. Derk Madden, a Mennonite Brethren pastor from Collinsville, Okla., began working Sept. 15 as the director of development, a position created last spring by the USCMBC Leadership Board.

The addition of a part-time Slavic ministries director is made possible by a unique partnership between USCMBC, the Pacific District Conference, the Central District Conference, MB Mission and MB Foundation. This partnership is intended to inspire Slavic youth for connection and mission, equip Slavic churches to join with the other U.S. MB churches in mission at home and internationally and provide mutually advantageous avenues for ministry relationships. Borisov will provide leadership to this collaboration between the 32 MB Slavic congregations and the USCMBC and its agencies from his home in Spokane where he will continue serving part-time as pastor of education at Pilgrim Slavic Baptist Church.

USCMBC initiated the director of development position to strengthen connections and relationships with churches and partner agencies throughout the constituency. As the part-time director of development, Madden is responsible for coordinating public relations initiatives and designing and implementing fund development programs. Madden will continue serving Discover Bible Fellowship in Collinsville as lead pastor.

Myra Holmes, Christian Leader assistant editor, will replace Justin Salters as the social media coordinator; she began her new assignment Sept. 16. This position was created a year ago to strengthen the organization’s ability to connect with its constituency.


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