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From the national director: Ukrainian church teaches us about taking action

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I have some chronic health conditions that, to be honest, I wish weren’t there. They niggle at me all the time and can cause discomfort and aggravation. But, when I read of all the horrific things my Christian brothers and sisters in Ukraine are enduring, these ailments pale in comparison. I mean, they really pale in comparison.

In fact, I don’t think I can even begin to imagine what these precious people are going through. My heart breaks for them. Yes, we pray and pray, and we give funds so that they might have some physical relief, but I think many of us are burdened with wanting to do more.

I want to be able to hold a hungry child and give her food. I want to grip the hands of a brother who has lost a family member or his home and pray with him or, more than that, help ease the pain. The immense pain and suffering brought on by this war is way too real for way too many.

I have no doubt that this is a war perpetrated by Satan through the minds of maniac leaders. This is the enemy of our souls firing dark arrow after dark arrow. Perhaps Satan is desperate as he knows his time is short. Regardless, millions of innocent people are in the crossfire.

The time is now to reach more people with the gospel. Now is the time to stop squabbling about little things and in unity attack the gates of hell.

Recently, I was sick for several days. My wife said I slept 31 hours in a 48-hour period. After I got through that 48-hour period I was still more or less in bed, and I had time to pray and listen. I had time to reflect on the things happening in our world—in America. The list included the refugee crisis, homelessness, inflation, blatant stealing in broad daylight and increasing hate toward Christians.

Did you see the video of the Yale law student who was shouted down for her Christian principles—in a setting intended and crafted for the purpose of open sharing of ideals? Amazing and sad. America is grotesquely divided politically. North Korea is firing shiny new missiles. China is taunting Taiwan, and Hollywood is glorifying sin. This is a long ugly list, and it could be much longer. It almost takes your breath away.

Are we living in the final years or decades prior to Jesus’ return? Only God knows. Many generations prior to ours believed they were living in the end times. But if we are living in the years close to his return, what must we be about?

Do we begin to draw back into a “church shell” because it’s hard being a Christian in an atmosphere of animosity? Do we go about things as if nothing is changing around the world and here in America, our heads in the proverbial sand? Do we ask our pastors to start preaching from Revelation almost every Sunday? What? What do we do? What does all the turmoil of a compromised world mean for us as Bible-believing Christians?

Lying in bed, asking God these questions, I’m not sure I heard any definitive answers. Except that now is the time to be the church in action. The time is now to reach more people with the gospel. Now is the time to stop squabbling about little things and in unity attack the gates of hell.

I am inspired by stories from Ukraine about how Christians are rallying mightily to bring hope to their neighbors and people are coming to Jesus, and miracle after miracle is happening every day. This is the church. This is the followers of Jesus being his hands and feet. Yes, we have our own turmoil. Let’s allow the Ukrainian church to teach us how to respond to it.


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