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ADNet offers resources on mental illness

Mennonite Brethren congregations and individuals looking for resources on mental illness can explore Anabaptist Disabilities Network(ADNet), an inter-Mennonite organization whose mission is to encourage families and equip the church to include persons with disabilities fully in the life of the congregation and community. Disabilities are defined broadly to include physical, sensory, cognitive, and emotional disabilities, including mental illness.

ADNet is committed to making available to families and congregations the best in Christian resources related to all types of disabilities, including mental illness. The organization offers print resources, including classic titles originally published by their predecessor Mennonite advocacy ministries at Mennonite Mutual Aid and Mennonite Central Committee.

The classic booklet, Supportive Care in the Congregation, describes care circles, a method for congregations to offer supportive care to families and persons who deal with disabilities, mental illness, chronic illness or other needs. A more recent booklet, published in this decade, is Crystal Horning’s A Christian View of Mental Illness. The booklet provides background on the church’s historic response to mental illness and outlines a Christian response based on Scripture.

ADNet also offers newer titles by Christian and secular publishers and a variety of articles, papers and graphics online. VHS tapes and DVD discs are available for loan, with newer titles available also for purchase, including Mennonite Media’s widely used new video on mental illness, Shadow Voices.

ADNet’s newer periodical resources are the Connections newsletter, published three to four times a year, and a quarterly electronic newsletter called ADNotes, which offers tips and additional resources especially for churches. Their newest program is the Congregational Accessibility Network (CAN), that provides resources for congregations to evaluate the extent to which they include all persons.

Most of ADNet's resources are free; others are offered for sale at minimal cost. The ADNet Web site offers full details. Information is also available by writing or by leaving a message via voicemail or fax at 1-877-214-9838.

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