Search is open for USMB national director

USMB Leadership Board shares survey results, announces applications are being accepted for national director


The USMB Leadership Board has announced that it is accepting applications for the next national director of the U.S. Conference of MB Churches (USMB).

The Leadership Board has also posted results of a recent survey it conducted to assist in preparing the job description of the next national director. Leadership Board chair Luke Haidle announced Nov. 3 during the Central District Conference convention that the survey results are posted on the USMB website. The Leadership Board sent an email Nov. 7 to pastors with links to the survey results and job description.

The 23-question survey was emailed to district leaders and U.S. Mennonite Brethren ministry leaders as well as USMB pastors who were invited to pass the survey along to five members of the congregation. A total of 183 surveys were returned.

“One of our main questions was whether we had unity in what we wanted from a national director,” the Leadership Board says in the email. “We are a diverse conference, and it was plausible we wanted very different attributes and skills. But the survey shows that across districts, offices and ages, we have similar values.”

Haidle says the Leadership Board carefully reviewed the results and took the results into consideration at it crafted the job description.

The newly revised job description for the national director is posted online at Individuals interested in applying for the position are invited to send a resume, personal testimony of faith journey and a one-page “vision statement” for their role as national director to

When asked how the process of securing the next national director is progressing, Boris Borisov, USMB Leadership Board vice chair who is leading the search for the new national director, says, “We are on track and have received insightful input from our pastors, educational institutions and ministry partners in terms of what they are looking for. This has given us confidence in what to look for as we move forward in the search process.”


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