Sharing Fund benefits USMB congregations


Sharing Fund supports social and service programs through mutual aid

Everence Communications

More than 2,000 families across the country received over $924,000 in needed financial assistance last year as part of a unique Everence grant program. 

In 2011, the Everence Sharing Fund program provided these matching grants to 811 congregations, including 35 USMB congregations. The grants help people facing financial distress because of lost employment, medical bills or those struggling to pay for basic living expenses. The program also supports other church needs like community aid or service projects.

When the matching contributions of the congregations, chapters and employers are factored in, the total impact was more than $2 million. USMB received $34,800 through 111 Sharing Fund grants.  

“The Sharing Fund makes us unique among financial services firms because we use a portion of our profits to support the financial needs of local congregations and communities,” says Larry Miller, president and CEO of Everence.

“Our mission is to use this money to help people with basic needs – whether it is funding food pantries or helping someone pay their heating bill.”

The Everence grants are funded primarily by members who own Everence products or use Everence Federal Credit Union banking services. Because of the organization’s unique tax status, money that would be paid in federal taxes is instead distributed through mutual aid programs like the Sharing Fund.

Everence staff, financial representatives and board members also contribute to the Sharing Fund. Everence receives direct contributions from others who support the program.

To donate to the Sharing Fund, visit or call (800) 348-7468 ext. 3301.

Everence helps individuals, organizations and congregations integrate finances with faith through a national team of advisors and representatives. Everence offers banking, insurance and financial services with community benefits and stewardship education. Everence is a ministry of Mennonite Church USA and other churches including USMB.


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