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New church plant reaching young adults with Slavic backgrounds

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Pacific Keep, a Mennonite Brethren church plant in Spokane, Wash., dedicated to reaching disenfranchised and irreligious young adults in the greater Spokane Valley, has a new meeting place.

 “The place we were previously renting planned to double our rental fee, so we’ve been looking around for a new location,” says church planter Boris Borisov. What the church found was The Bartlett, a café with a nice-sized meeting room (pictured right) in the back. “This space has some of the best acoustics of any venue in Spokane,” says Borisov.

The young church continues to reach millenials and young couples, many of which have Slavic backgrounds. The church has grown in the past months and with the new venue, located in the center of the city, it appears God has big plans for this MB church plant.

Borisov is a city planner for the City of Spokane and fills his off hours meeting the needs of the church and spending time with his wife, Julia, and new baby daughter, Grace. He also is taking classes at nearby Whitworth University. “There’s not much time for anything else besides those things,” says Borisov. Yet, he is also a new member of the USMB Leadership Board.

Pacific Keep is supported by the Pacific District Conference, Mission USA, and mother church, Pilgrim Slavic MB Church, also located in Spokane.


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