Spotlight: Ethiopian Christian Fellowship Church Kansas

ECFC's last day of 2022 vacation Bible school. After many years of looking for a bigger place in January 2023, the church purchased a larger facility in Shawnee, Kansas. Photo: ECFC

Ethiopian Christian Fellowship Church Kansas

Shawnee, Kansas

Established: 1991

Southern District Conference

Attendance: 350-400


Lead Pastor: Henock Tsegaye
Associate Pastor: Mesfin Rejji

Our congregation in three words:

Faithful, Loving and Committee

How we can pray for ECFC:

  • For the grace of God to continue to be with them,
  • For the Holy Spirit’s guidance,
  • As they are planning to plant a second-generation church¬†
Connect with Ethiopian Christian Fellowship Church Kansas: 
  • Website:
  • Facebook: ECFKS
  • Instagram: ECFC Kansas
  • YouTube: ECFCKS

Ethiopian Christian Fellowship Church Kansas in pictures 

Currently, Ethiopian Christian Fellowship Church’s biggest need is to secure a youth pastor to work with the congregation’s large group of youth.
Every year Ethiopian Christian Fellowship Church designates the month of July as evangelism month. Here members of the congregation are ready to go on the street to share the love of God.
ECFC’s mission is to produce disciples for Christ by preaching and teaching the Word of God and accomplishing the Great Commission. This is one reason why the church participated in the 2022 Johnson Country Old Settler’s Day parade.
The congregation celebrates the first convert of July 2023, the mother of a church member.
Ethiopian Christian Fellowship Church’s second group of Mathetes Bible School graduates.
2022 baptism
Good Friday foot washing


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