Spotlight: Neighborhood Church


Visalia, California

Established: 1948

The congregation is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2023.

Pacific District Conference

Attendance: 1,700


Forrest Jenan – Lead Pastor

Kelly Thomas – Executive Pastor

Ari Parsons – Hospitality Pastor

Jordan Brokaw – Communications Pastor

Lauren Riddle – Kid’s Pastor

Jason Morones – Next Steps Pastor

David Helm – Worship and Media Pastor

Josh Flora – Student Pastor

Santiago Lopez – Facilities Manager

Kate Gibson-Cates – Office Manager

Heather Stafford – Finance Manager

Stephanie Benthin – Missional Strategist

Shellie Bowman – Mission Strategist

Jackie Niehus – Kid’s Coordinator

Alesa Hefner – Kid’s Host

Our congregation in three words: Jesus, Community, FOR

An interesting or unique about the history of Neighborhood Church: We started as something of an accident. Founders Bob and Lucille Willems didn’t set out to plant a church. They wanted to provide a program for neighborhood kids to learn about Jesus and Neighborhood Church was the result.  

How we can pray for Neighborhood Church: Pray as we step out into new territory to grow our capacity to add value to our city.

Connect on social media: Instagram & Facebook: ncvisalia

Neighborhood Church in pictures

For too long, the church has been known for what it’s against. Neighborhood Church wants to be known for what they are for. NC is FOR Visalia.

Jesus is the center of our faith. NC loves gathering each Sunday to worship across  three services.

NC loves helping its community go public with their decision to follow Jesus through baptism.

Because community is the center of our life, we love to host parties and events for our city.

Kids are a huge part of the Neighborhood Church family. We want to help the next gen win.

Neighborhood Church exists to inspire people wherever they are to live like Jesus wherever they go. Every Sunday is an opportunity to make new friends and create space for others.


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