Tabor 20 scholarship program deemed successful

Scholarship brings 31 new students from MB churches to Tabor College

Senior Kara Schlotthauer, from Fairview, Oklahoma, is one of a growing number of students from Mennonite Brethren churches that attends Tabor College. Photo: Tabor College

Tabor College, the Mennonite Brethren college in Hillsboro, Kansas, announces that thanks to the Tabor 20 scholarship program, 31 new freshmen from 14 Mennonite Brethren churches enrolled this fall, an increase of 244 percent over the previous year. They come from three districts—Pacific with three students, Central with seven students and Southern with 21 students.

Tabor 20 is a first-time incentive program for the college to encourage more graduating MB high school students into its incoming class. To be considered, students had to be regular attendees or members from MB churches. Students went through the normal application process with an early admission decision, completed a special essay and participated in a special interview during a campus visit.

“We knew there are many high-quality MB youth heading off to college and they tend to be great students desirous of a Christ-centered education,” says Grant Myers, dean of enrollment management. “We wanted to encourage more to consider Tabor, and they did.”

The mission of Tabor College is to prepare people for a life of learning, work and service for Christ and his kingdom. Much of that mission is achieved through the ways in which students encounter a Christ-centered experience in the classroom, athletics, performing arts and other institutional initiatives. It is also accomplished as students organically live out their faith.

“Tabor College continues to provide the kind of experience that not only results in an outstanding education, but also offers an advantage for MB students who qualify,” says Rusty Allen, executive vice president of operations. “While we believe we have an excellent experience to offer students, we believe they have much to offer the Tabor campus as well. We believe in the potential of our MB youth.”

President Jules Glanzer values Tabor’s growing partnership with MB churches.

“I am thrilled with the response of our MB churches,” Glanzer says. “Our desire is to serve the Mennonite Brethren church and partner with them in providing a Christ-centered educational experience where our graduates are ready for the real world and made aware of their place in his kingdom.”

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