Tabor College enrollment increases



Tabor College Wichita campus reports record-high enrollment

Tabor College news service

Tabor College student enrollment for the 2014 fall semester has increased overall by 4 percent, with 766 students enrolled compared to 736 in 2013. This includes 594 undergraduate students in Hillsboro and 141 undergraduate students as well as 31 graduate students in Wichita.

Other enrollment statistics include:

  • 231 new students on the Hillsboro campus, which ties a record set in the fall of 2011.
  • 21 Hillsboro High School students of the 594 students in Hillsboro.
  • A total full-time equivalency (FTE) of 675; FTE is a calculation that converts part-time hours to full-time students. Undergraduate FTE on the Hillsboro campus is 571 and 83 on the Wichita campus. Graduate FTE is 21.

Tabor College president, Jules Glanzer, attributes the increased enrollment to the collaborative effort by the faculty and staff.

“Our growth is the result of the hard work of many people and the favor of God smiling down on Tabor,” Glanzer says.

Rusty Allen, vice president of enrollment management, agrees. “It is exciting to see our recruiting strategies bear fruit. God continues to bless the hard work of our staff,” Allen says. “We count it a privilege to help bring students to Tabor College because of the decidedly Christian experience we are confident they will find.”

One year ago, Tabor College Wichita (TCW) had 11 students enrolled in graduate programs. This fall TCW has 31 —for an increased enrollment of 181 percent. This is the highest total of students enrolled in graduate programs at TCW in its 20-year history.

“The increased enrollment numbers are a validation of the hard work done by the faculty members to constantly update our programs in response to the needs of both employers and students,” saya Brett Andrews, vice president of Tabor College in Wichita.

Online enrollment, for programs offered via the internet, has helped boost their enrollment numbers too. 

“Our online programs have been expanded in response to our student body’s desire for more flexibility in course delivery,” Andrews says. “These new online degree programs offer students just that.”

Glanzer commends the efforts of Andrews and his staff in Wichita. Andrews has only been with Tabor College since December 2013.

“Dr. Andrews and his team have done a remarkable job in a short amount of time,” Glanzer says. “The increase in graduate students is good to see.”


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