Tabor College freezes tuition 2012-13


Tuition freeze recognizes on-going economic downturn

Tabor College Communications

For the first time since the mid-70s, Tabor College, the Mennonite Brethren college located in Hillsboro, Kan.,  is going against the trend of many schools of the region by holding the line on the cost of tuition for the 2012-13 school year. 

Recognizing that the on-going economic downturn is making it challenging for families to afford college, Tabor College President Dr. Jules Glanzer announced Nov. 7 that Tabor College will freeze the cost of tuition.

“We have heard from our current students and their families that these tumultuous economic times have made it difficult for them to be able to afford college. We want to help those students who have chosen Tabor College to be able to fulfill their desire of a college education,” he says. “We want to make it clear that our students are important to us and we want to be compassionately responsive to their needs during this period of wide-spread economic uncertainty.”

There will be necessary increase in room and board in the coming year to cover fixed costs related to dining and housing that have increased.

Rusty Allen, vice-president of enrollment management and intercollegiate athletics, also recognizes the economic struggle. “There has been a growing gap between what families can afford to pay toward tuition and final tuition expenses after the various forms of financial aid are exhausted,” Allen says. “At least for one year, we are glad to take steps that do not increase that gap for students who wish to attend Tabor College. This should have a positive impact for new and returning students alike.”


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