Tabor reports increased spring semester enrollment

Fall-to-spring retention rate is one of the best college has experienced

Tabor College's Centennial Plaza is at the center of the college campus.

Tabor College’s spring enrollment headcount is 601, which is 58 higher than last year at the same point and represents an overall headcount increase of 10.7 percent. The largest growth areas included the Hillsboro undergraduate programs and the high school dual-enrollment participants.

“The fall-to-spring retention rate (92 percent) for traditional, residential students is one of the best we have ever experienced at Tabor College,” says Rusty Allen, executive vice president for operations. “A team effort, coordinated by our Student Success Office, has increased excellence and hospitality across campus. We are thankful for the results and for the many people who have invested in delivering an experience valued by our students. God has partnered with us and honored our hard work.”

Faculty also have contributed in this success with their substantive instruction and creative engagement with students in the uncertain time of COVID-19. Residence life, student programming and the spiritual transformation have also brought about much growth.

“I am thankful to the Lord for his blessing on us and for the hard work of our faculty and staff to serve our students in ways that makes attending Tabor attractive,” says President Jules Glanzer. “With face-to-face classes and a record-setting retention, Tabor continues to overcome the hindrances that the pandemic is creating for colleges and universities.”



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