Ukrainian MB churches using funds to meet immediate needs

MB Foundation has established fund to aid the Association of Mennonite Brethren Churches in Ukraine

An MB church in Ukraine converted a hallway into an overnight stop for refugees from Mariupol. They provide food, treatment for the wounded, psychological and spiritual counseling and a place to rest as the refugees consider ways of moving further away from the frontlines. Photo: MB Foundation

Within the first few days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, MB Foundation established a fund to provide emergency relief and refugee assistance to the Association of MB Churches in Ukraine (AMBCU). Nearly 200 individuals and organizations have come together to contribute more than $213,000, as of March 28.

To date, $134,500 has been sent to AMBCU to help purchase the essential needs of food, water and medicine taken to those in areas cut off by the invasion. Of the total amount sent, $45,000 was sent to purchase three vans needed to transport people evacuating out of occupied areas and then to take supplies back to others remaining. MB pastors and other volunteers are making the 48-hour trips to meet the needs.

Disbursement of funds is being directed by AMBCU which is on the frontlines of the crisis. In a recent communication, the AMBCU chair Roman Rakhuba shared his gratefulness for the financial and prayer support. His name is withheld for security reasons.

“The prices for many types of vital goods are growing every day, but your financial support literally saves people’s lives and all our activities are based on it at this time,” he says. “The funds you send are distributed inside the churches of our association, including those encircled. Your donations help us prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and evacuate people from dangerous areas.”

The collected funds come from more than 225 donations and range from $20 to amounts in the thousands.

“We praise God for the generosity demonstrated through gifts to the Ukraine MB Church Relief Fund,” says Jon C. Wiebe, MB Foundation president and CEO. “We recognize we are one of a number of agencies gathering funds, but the crisis is great and each meets a significant need. It is clear that we are meeting the needs of those in crisis and resources are getting to those in the most dire of circumstances. I urge our constituency to keep praying and to give sacrificially.”

Those interested in donating to the Ukraine MB Church Relief Fund or being informed of prayer requests from the MB churches in Ukraine can visit

Funds not used for relief will be available for general ministry support to the Association of MB Churches in Ukraine.


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