USMB announces staff changes, celebrates employment milestone

Executive assistant Lori Taylor retires, Janae Rempel hired as new executive assistant; Donna Sullivan recognized for 30 years of service.

Lori Taylor, Janae Rempel and Donna Sullivan Photo: Janae Rempel

The U.S. Conference of MB Churches (USMB) announced today the retirement of executive assistant Lori Taylor and the appointment of Janae Rempel as her replacement. USMB is also celebrating a milestone employment anniversary for staff member Donna Sullivan.

Executive assistant transition

Lori Taylor, USMB executive assistant from Bakersfield, California, is retiring, effective July 31, 2020, and will be pursuing local ministry in a deeper and more committed way.

“I believe the next chapter of my life will provide opportunities for hands-on ministry, specifically to young moms and the elderly,” Taylor says. “I am also excited to spend more time with my children and grandchildren who are spread over three states.”

Don Morris, USMB national director, cites two projects as among Taylor’s key accomplishments. “Lori’s contribution to developing a new USMB logo along with the new website were a great contribution,” he says. “She used her graphic design expertise to help sift through various proposals and to work alongside the website developers. There were tons of hours of work that went into those developments. Lori did so many other things exceptionally well. She was really, really good at her job.”

Taylor’s responsibilities in her part-time role included serving as the USMB webmaster, organizing LEAD One events, coordinating LEAD Cohorts and working with LEAD Pods producers, overseeing an annual Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign, sending out emails announcing events and sharing updates, taking extensive minutes at various board meetings and additional administrative tasks.

“Lori has been a faithful, hardworking and creative executive assistant for USMB for over 11 years,” Morris says. “She’s not been afraid to learn new things and has been a tremendous gift to our USMB family.”

Taylor says she’s enjoyed her work with USMB. “It’s evolved into so much more than a part-time job,” she says, “It’s been a major portion of my ministry, a big focus of my prayer life and the people have become part of my family. I have grown professionally and personally because of my interaction with such wise and gifted leaders, colleagues and USMB staff. Serving under Don (Morris) has been a privilege and a joy.”

Janae Rempel, of Hillsboro, Kansas, has been hired as the new executive assistant and will begin transitioning into the position July 6. Rempel, who will work from her home, is also the Christian Leader associate editor, which is also a part-time position.

Morris describes Rempel as organized, detail-oriented, hardworking and willing to learn. “Her writing skills will be put to great use as she helps write posts, promos, emails and website material,” Morris says. “I think Janae will fit right into this new responsibility and will provide her own gifts and flair to it.”

Rempel says, “The USMB family welcomed me warmly three years ago when I began working as assistant editor for the Christian Leader, and I continue as associate editor with gratitude. I’m grateful to Don for this new invitation and look forward to that same spirit of welcome as I seek to continue the faithful legacy of service and excellent work Lori leaves behind. I am honored to step into this role and excited to begin.”

Employment milestone

USMB is recognizing Donna Sullivan, administrative secretary and bookkeeper, for 30 years of service to USMB. Her employment anniversary date is July 1.

Sullivan’s responsibilities include serving as bookkeeper, office manager, 501c3 liaison, event coordinator and “knower of all things USMB,” Morris says. “She has a wealth of information in her head and has been the face of USMB’s administrative branch for three decades,” he says.

“Donna faithfully goes about her work, which is often in the background,” Morris says. “Typically, when I think about needing to get something done and I ask her about it, she says she’s already taken care of it.”

Morris affirms Sullivan for her reliable and excellent work, completing tasks in a timely and complete manner, her negotiating skills when planning events, being organized, thoughtful and prepared.

“I’m not sure Donna is surprised by the unexpected, because she’s prepared so well,” he says. “She has a lot of creative ideas that we have benefitted from. Donna has established solid, easily read accounting platforms that have served USMB for years and will continue to into the future.”

Sullivan says, “I feel so blessed to have worked with USMB for these 30 years. It doesn’t seem that long, yet I have seen and experienced a lot of changes over the years, almost all of them good. I love my job and hope to continue for a while yet! It is a privilege to work and serve with such a great, God-honoring team.”

Sullivan works from her home in Wichita, Kansas. Her husband, Tim, is the Southern District Conference minister. They have three married children and eight grandchildren.


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