YouthCon 2019: By the numbers



698 attendees

  • 590 students and sponsors
  • 84 staff, exhibitors, planning team members, including…
    • 19 Fresno Pacific University and Tabor College staff/faculty/students
    • 13 pastoral team members
    • 8 band members
    • 5 speakers

Attendance by district

  • Southern District—383/18 churches
  • Central District—132/13 churches
  • Pacific District—71/6 churches
  • North Carolina—4/1 church
  • LAMB—0/0
General sessions and labs took place in Holcomb Hall.


  • 7,431 feet of elevation
  • 2,400 acres
  • Sleeps 2,000
  • 15 miles southeast of Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Founded as the Glorieta Baptist Assembly in 1952


The YouthCon production team consisted of
Chris Glanzer, Doug Bfrewer, Josh Paulus, Chris Meister, David Martens, Gabi Funk and Chris Jewell. Photo: Nancy Boothe


  • 55,000 pounds of tech equipment
  • 196 lighting fixtures
  • 105 panels on the screen
  • 4,500 pounds of screen
  • 16,809,984 LED lights in the screen
  • 2 tons of extension cords
YouthCon meals were simple but the food was plentiful. Photo: Jessi Dalke


  • 2,450 chicken strips
  • 16 pounds of marinara sauce – pasta night


Janae Rempel
Janae Rempel is the Christian Leader associate editor. She joined the CL staff in September 2017 with six years of experience as a professional journalist. Rempel is an award-winning writer, having received three 2016 Kansas Press Association Awards of Excellence and an Evangelical Press Association Higher Goals award in 2022. Rempel graduated from Tabor College in 2010 with a bachelor of arts in Communications/Journalism and Biblical/Religious Studies. She attends Hillsboro MB Church.


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