Christian Leader recognized in EPA contest


CL receives Award of Merit, Higher Goals award

Christian Leader press release

The Christian Leader received an Award of Excellence and a Higher Goals Award in the 2013 Evangelical Press Association (EPA) awards contest. The awards were presented at EPA’s annual convention, held in Nashville, Tenn., May 1-3.

CL assistant editor Myra Holmes was present to receive the magazine’s awards. The 2013 awards honor the best work done by EPA publications during the 2012 calendar year.

“It is an honor to be recognized for the quality of our work,” says editor Connie Faber.

The Awards of Excellence are given in the 10 EPA membership categories and are a “best of” award for each category for both digital and print.

In awarding the Christian Leader with an Award of Merit in the denominational print category, the judge said the content was “very personal and essay-like” and noted the “dynamic use of visual content—well integrated using color and other unifying effects.”

Judges review three consecutive issues of a publication in selecting Award of Excellence winners and Award of Merit runners-up. Judges consider all aspects of the publication—quality of writing, variety and balance in content, journalistic creativity, design and typography and use of illustrations and photos—in making their selections.

“Because the judges look at several issues of the magazine in making this award, receiving an Award of Excellence is a testament to the overall excellence of the Christian Leader,” says Faber. “This award acknowledges the excellent USMB writers who regularly contribute to our magazine and recognizes the good work of assistant editor Myra Holmes in the news areas and the excellent creative efforts of CL designer Shelley Plett.”

Roger Wien’s article, “Why I am a planetary scientist,” published in the Aug/Sept 2012 issue, was award fifth place in the General Article: Long category of the Higher Goals Awards. “Very interesting first-person piece from someone with a fascinating career and perspective,” wrote the judge. “Scientists typically are not emotive, but I could practically hear the excitement and pride ringing through.”

The 36 Higher Goals contest categories drew 988 total entries. In the Higher Goals Awards, EPA member publications compete against one another, regardless of membership category.

“For this reason, receiving a Higher Goals Award is a huge accomplishment,” says Faber. “Not only do we compete against other denominational publications for a Higher Goals Award, our submissions are evaluated along side articles published by Christianity Today, Sojourners, Christian Research Journal and World Vision Magazine.”

The Evangelical Press Association is a professional association of some 300 North American Christian magazines, newsletters, newspapers and content-rich websites. EPA's purpose is “to strengthen evangelical periodicals through inspiration, instruction and networking.”


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