General Information

The Christian Leader is published six times a year and is mailed on the last Friday of December, February, April, June, August and October.

CL reaches 8,000 homes, and recent readership surveys suggest 24,000 U.S. Mennonite Brethren of various ages read the magazine.

CL is offered free of charge to all members and attendees of U.S. Mennonite Brethren congregations and is mailed directly to their homes. Churches annually update their mailing lists.

Advertising Rates

CL has tiered advertising rates, with Mennonite Brethren ministries and churches receiving a discount over inter-Mennonite agencies. There is also a rate for for-profit businesses.

By virtue of postal classification, CL carries limited advertising. Ad space for most issues is often sold out several months prior to publication. Ministries and congregations interested in advertising in the CL are encouraged to contact the editor as early as possible to reserve ad space.

CL offers 1/3 page ads (vertical or square), 1/2 page ads (rectangular) and full page ads. Price information is available from the editor.

Advertising Policies

Advertisers or the advertisers’ agencies assume full responsibility for all advertising content, including text, representation and illustrations. This liability includes any claim made against the publication because of the advertising content.

Ad content should follow American English spelling practices rather than British English.

The word “advertisement” may be placed above copy that, in the opinion of the editor, resembles editorial material.

CL reserves the right to reject any advertising it considers to conflict with the goals of the magazine.

Ads should be submitted electronically, preferably in PDF format. Deadlines are:

Jan/Feb  issue first Tuesday of November, preceding calendar year
March/April issue first Tuesday of January
May/June issue first Tuesday of March
July/Aug issue first Tuesday of May
Sept/Oct issue first Tuesday of July
Nov/Dec issue first Tuesday of September

Advertising orders cannot be canceled after the due date.

Missing the ad deadline may result in a 25 percent late fee or the ad space may be forfeited and offered to another advertiser.

Invoices and tear ad sheets will be sent after publication.

Payment is due promptly within 30 days of the invoice date. A fee of 2 percent per month will be added to overdue accounts. CL reserves the right to cancel advertising anytime for nonpayment. Please make payment to USMB and note “CL ad payment” in the memo line.

CL reserves the right to cancel/alter advertising reservations should the magazine’s publication schedule change. Advance notice will be given.

CL ad rates are set annually and follow the calendar year. The CL editor will give as much advance notice as possible regarding rate increases.

Classified Advertising Rates

The Christian Leader’s classified ad section is called Clearinghouse. The advertising rate is $.55/word with a $15 minimum charge. Mennonite Brethren churches, organizations or institutions wishing to announce job vacancies or openings can request an announcement at no cost in this section. Clearinghouse ads are also posted online at no additional cost.

More Information

To schedule an ad or for more information, contact Connie Faber at

Christian Leader
Box 155
Hillsboro, KS  67063