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The purpose of Christian Leader is to:

  • Draw USMB churches together: connecting, informing, celebrating, telling stories, sharing news
  • Disciple the USMB constituency within the Confession of Faith: inspiring people for action
  • Direct our USMB family toward a unified vision: focusing on three core commitments (evangelism and church planting, intentional discipleship and leadership development)

If you have any questions about the Christian Leader or for more information, please contact us at editor@usmb.org or call 620-947-5543

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The Christian Leader is published by the U.S. Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. However, the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the church as a whole.

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Unless noted, Scripture quotations are from the New International Version.


Christian Leader is offered to every household of the U.S. Conference of MB Churches (current distribution is 7,600) as a benefit of denominational affiliation. Individual subscriptions are also available.

The Christian Leader is a 32-page magazine published six times a year.


Christian Leader publishes a limited amount of advertising. Advertising details are available online or from the editor.


The Christian Leader is a member of the Evangelical Press Association and Meetinghouse, an association of Anabaptist editors in North America.

CL History

A decade after Mennonite Brethren left Russia and arrived in the U.S., leaders wanted a periodical to communicate with their scattered churches. In 1884 they began publishing Zionsbote (Messenger of Zion). This German-language publication was the official periodical of North American Mennonite Brethren until 1951.

The Christian Leader, first published in 1937, was initially a youth publication designed to serve a constituency that was fast switching from German to English. It became the official publication of the church in 1951 and served both U.S. and Canadian Mennonite Brethren until 1955 when the Canadian Conference developed its own publication.

Since 1955, the Christian Leader has focused its content on the issues and activities of U.S. Mennonite Brethren. The magazine is published by the U.S. Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches (USMB) and regularly includes inserted publications from USMB partner agencies, specifically MB Mission. Over the years the magazine’s frequency has transitioned from biweekly to monthly to bimonthly. Christian Leader is offered to every USMB household as a benefit of denominational affiliation. The magazine began publishing CL Online in 2008 and C-Link, a biweekly electronic news digest, was added in 2012.

Christian Leader has a history of giving young men and women the opportunity to serve the denomination and of promoting staff members. Five editors have served the Christian Leader over the past 50 years.

  • Orlando Harms was editor from 1954 to 1976.
  • Harms recruited his successor, Wally Kroeker (1976 to 1985), a young journalist.
  • Don Ratzlaff, Kroeker’s assistant editor, was named editor in 1985 and served until 1998.
  • When Carmen Andres (1998-2003) was appointed editor in 1998, the Christian Leader crossed the gender barrier.
  • Current editor Connie Faber, who worked with both Ratzlaff and Andres, assumed the editor’s duties in 2004.